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Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach, Links at Spanish Bay - Monterey, California

Spyglass Hill PlayersI am starting to believe in "Murphy's Law"

The Monterey area has been in drought for sometime - in fact when we arrived we were advised that it had not rained for 9 months ! Except of course when we turned up to play at Spyglass Hill - the first of the three courses we were scheduled to play in the Monterey area. A strong breeze with stinging rain resulted in only 3 "Brave Hearts" weathering the elements to play - Ian Baker (Palm Beach), Trish Gleeson (Camden) & Jan Dampney (Yamba).

So the next day the clouds cleared and the rain went away to reveal a magnificent Monterey day for our game at Pebble Beach. In playing Pebble Beach for the first time you cannot help but think about those who went before - Tiger Woods winning the 100th US Open by a record margin, Tom Watson's chip in from behind the Par 3, 17th and Jack Nicklaus' one iron to within a foot on the same hole. You can understand as you walk around this magnificent coastal property why it has received so many accolades from all quarters of the world. The variety of holes create a thinking course - both off the tee and in your approach. It was an experience of a lifetime - something that you will always look back upon with fond memories.

It came down to a competition - over the final 2 rounds - namely Pebble Beach and Links at Spanish Bay



I do not believe I could do it privately for the same price! 

We would never have envisaged playing on these courses without your organisation

Thank you - Thank you - for taking me to these beautiful places !

I have made lifelong friends through the AVGA

Everything runs like clockwork




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