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Christchurch, New Zealand - February 2017

Christchurch, NZ 2017 Winners

On Tuesday 22 February 2011, at 12.51 p.m., a magnitude 6.3 earthquake badly damaged Christchurch and Lyttelton, killing 185 people and injuring several thousand. Anyone who has been to Christhurch before the 2011 earthquake would remember a wonderful thriving city with restaurants, Gondolas, University Bota Hats and a culture of sophistication. 

This year we decided to return and play the Terrace Downs course in the Rakaia Gorge and both Clearwater and Pegasus courses in the Christchurch area. It was wonderful to return after over a 6 years abscence if only to experience the Southern hospitality which the South Island is famous for. 

Despite both Rod Ledger (Windsor G.C.) and Robert Savage (Burleigh G.C.) returning strong scores in the last 3 rounds it was not quite enough to catch Alan Balderston from The Lakes G.C. whose three final rounds of 37, 37 and 33 were sufficient to get up and win by a single shot.

Lyn Saggers (Yamba G.C.) in the Ladies section jumped out to an early lead, but Jill Levi's third round score of 37 points became the telling round and enough to catapult her well clear of the field and to win by 4 shots clear of Lyn.

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I do not believe I could do it privately for the same price! 

We would never have envisaged playing on these courses without your organisation

Thank you - Thank you - for taking me to these beautiful places !

I have made lifelong friends through the AVGA

Everything runs like clockwork




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